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hCG Medical Weight Loss Diet

hCG Medical Weight Loss Diet Programs in Cedar Park

Looking for a Reliable & Trusting Doctor to Start Your hCG Diet?

With the help of Dr. Laurette Smith, you will have 100% supervision and team support, so your experience utilizing the hCG and a low-calorie diet is positive.

Dr. Smith’s modified hCG program was designed for rapid weight loss and we focus on helping our clients on losing 3-5 pounds of weight per week.

Combined with a l Low-Calorie diet you should experience:

  • Reduced appetite
  • Repaired metabolism
  • Increased burn to stubborn, abnormal body fat
  • Increased energy

Imagine yourself 20 to 30 pounds lighter. Your clothes fit and look great on you. You feel confident and attractive. You like what you see when you look in the mirror. Your friends and family compliment you. You have energy to do things you have been wanting to do such as, walk on the beach or play with your younger family members.Diet phases

What to Expect from Our Weight Loss Program

Dr. Smith’s hCG Diet Plan is conducted for 30 days to jump start long-term weight loss habits. Participants follow a low-calorie diet that is almost free of fat and contains 500 – 800 calories on a daily basis. This may seem very small, but the natural hormone is so powerful that it greatly reduces your appetite.

Most participants adjust quickly to the restricted eating schedule, additionally learning to focus on proper foods for a healthy diet. The user self-administers a day-to-day intramuscular injection of of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or we can help you at the center. Most participants experience weight loss of a pound a day without any feelings of weakness or hunger.

Once the hCG weight loss period is completed, patients transition to a healthy lifestyle with proper eating habits and exercise. Because the weight loss results are so drastic in such a short period of time, most participants leave the program with a new sense of vigor about their success and strong determination to continue down the path of weight loss and healthy living.

For patients who have struggled with yo-yo dieting in the past, Dr. Smith’s hCG weight loss program is truly a game changer for many people. This is a brand-new approach to losing and maintaining weight loss. Patients of all ages come for Dr. Laurette Smith’s expertise in wellness areas of weight loss and hormonal management service.

hCG Diet Council Certified

BioTe HRT Certified and upcoming Legacy Member

Dr. Laurette Smith and our Medical Team at Youthful Solution MediSpa and Wellness Center aim to bring to light the most valid and compelling hCG Diet information. We uphold the validity of the concept and potential of the hCG Diet that appears to help many around the world to successfully lose abnormal fat and maintain the loss better than other methods they have tried.

This popular 6-week / 45-day weight loss program is very successful in helping our patients lose 4-8 lbs per week.

This program includes the following:

  • Consult with Dr. Smith and 100% supervision
  • 6 weekly visits
  • Text, phone, eMail support by Dr. Smith and Medical Team
  • The hCG diet plan
  • Shopping guide and recipes
  • 45-day supply of hCG injections
  • Take home kits for self-injections
  • (6) Vitamin B12+LIPO shots weekly
  • weekly weigh-ins

What You Can Expect from the hCG Weight Loss Program

The following information is offered by Youthful Solutions as realistic results reported and information that can be helpful when seeking a reputable source for the hCG diet:

  • The average female loses 15 – 20 pounds in 30 days (NOT 1 to 3 pounds a DAY).
  • The average male loses 20 – 25 pounds in 30 days (NOT 1 to 3 pounds a DAY).

Some hCG dieters report being able to eat more after completing the program exactly as designed. They report better maintenance of weight loss, however there is no scientific way to prove that it “increased their metabolism” and to state that is has, is a false medical statement.

Feel Good & Look Good Package

Combine your weight loss journey with hormone balancing. The benefits of our Feel Good and Look Good program is that our patients are not only losing weight fast, they are feeling healthier in many ways including improvements in libido, energy, cognitive processing, self-esteem, and more. This is due to our thorough approach and not only addressing the excess weight. Hormone balancing is a fundamental part of this program.

Why is Hormone Balancing a part of the “All-in-One” Program?

Hormones can significantly influence metabolism, fat burning and weight gain/loss. Just because someone loses 35lbs on hCG, does not mean that they will not gain it back in a few months. In fact, almost 1/4 of our patients have done hCG elsewhere, only to gain the weight back or have experienced poor health since. We blame this on the fact that a physician did NOT closely monitor the patient and their hormones were never addressed.

Get started by:

  • Calling us or submitting the form below
  • Requesting labs
  • Booking a consult and insertion together or on different days

Dial (512) 843-0545 to begin your hCG weight loss journey!

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