A Great Experience

The staff has been friendly and helpful. They don’t ever make me feel bad about asking questions or feeling hesitant, they are not pushy, and it’s been a great experience. Don’t feel deterred if you don’t get a clear answer on the phone, the in-person is much better!

- Christina

Loved Each Service

I adore Dr. Smith and her staff! I have done most services that Youthful Solutions offers and have loved each treatment/service. I am religious about my Bio-T therapy and highly recommend the OMG injection for intimacy boost.

- Sara

GREAT Customer Service

Youthful Solution is an A+ medical spa. They do everything, total wellness, and beautifying treatments. They are also very nice and make you feel like you are their only client. I love GREAT customer service. I highly recommend them.

- Monica

Exceptional Service

First time at youthful solutions and I had exceptional service from the moment I walked in. Hannah and Emily were amazing as well as all the other ladies who assisted me during my time. Everyone made me feel so welcomed and comfortable, I will definitely come back!

- Ashley

Skills That Make the Clock Turn Back Time

It all started when first saw an ad on Facebook for a hydro facial and botox. The hydro facial with a lovely lady, Emily? (Sorry) was very effective, my skin looked incredible. Then I meet Tara, the savvy NP who does fillers and things of that kind. She’s hands-down my favorite medical professional I’ve encountered. She’s got everything! A witty personality, a steady hand, and the skills that make the clock turn back time…on your face that is. I started with Dysport, decided to upgrade my face a bit more with tear trough fillers. I came back for Juvaderm in my cheeks to support my under eyes. My face looks full of life again and I didn’t even need a touch-up. She knocked it out of the park the first time. Love this place and have recommended it to all my friends.

- Sandra

I Am Feeling So Much Better

Youthful Solutions is great across the board. I like the medspa but love Dr. Laurette Smith who specializes in female hormone imbalance. After just a month, I am feeling so much better. If you are on the fence, just go and meet them. The staff is awesome; very welcoming and kind.

- Monica

The Best

I’ve received my first injections at Youthful Solutions. Since then I’ve had it done twice with other local businesses. The reason being was I moved out of Austin into the country. Hands down Youthful Solutions has been the best. The doctor was so knowledgeable. The staff was friendly and the results were AMAZING! I will definitely be going back here the next time I’m in need of a touchup. The doctor was super focused on where to do the injections so as to not have droopy brows. I went in for a follow-up and to get before and after pictures and I absolutely loved my results.

- Jaridann

Staff Expertise

I really like this place. I have been to a couple of different places and I really appreciated the lack of push to purchase and overall staff expertise. I felt like I was listened to and they really wanted to honor what I was looking for instead of pushing things at me. The facility was very clean and the staff professional and personable. I highly recommend it.

- Amy

A+ Medical Spa

Youthful Solution is an A+ medical spa. They do everything, total wellness, and beautifying treatments. They are also very nice and make you feel like your their only client. I love GREAT customer service. I highly recommend them.

- Monica

I Can Hardly Wait to Get Back

These are not only kind, generous and lovely people, but fantastically professional as well. I can hardly wait to get back. They work diligently to make your appointment comfortable, offer the best value and care. They are honest and trustworthy. My lip lines cannot wait to disappear…well, I cannot wait to see them gone. I have the utmost trust that I will be thrilled with my final results.

- Elizabeth

Help Turn Back the Hands of Time

Welcome to 48! I wanted to take a moment and tell everyone about Dr. Smith and her incredible team!First impressions are everything, and as someone who works in the medical aesthetic industry, I know how important it is to put your best foot forward and represent your craft. So when I noticed that I was developing jowls, exaggerated facial wrinkles, lacking energy, experiencing brain fog, gaining weight in my abdomen, and had a diminished libido I knew that I was likely experiencing perimenopause and needed answers.I met with Dr. Smith and discovered that my hunch was correct! She explained that she could help balance my hormones with Biote; next on the list was to improve the sagging I was experiencing on my neck, jawline, and around my mouth. We discussed many options but finally settled on a new treatment that she offered called Profound. The procedure required numbing but wasn’t painful, I did have a little bruising and swelling over the next three days but went on with life as usual and nobody noticed. Dr. Smith explained that the results of this procedure take a little time to develop since we are rebuilding collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, however, I felt like I could see the results pretty quickly and five months later I am absolutely loving the results I am seeing!If you’re looking for a doctor who can help you turn back the hands of time, then I recommend you visit Dr. Smith and her team at Youthful Solutions in Cedar Park.

- Leigh

I'm Completely Blown Away

Today was my first visit to Youthful Solutions in Cedar Park. All I can say is WOW, I’m completely blown away by how nice, and super friendly everyone is in their office. Excellent 5 Star service for Botox. I’m Super excited to go back to experience their other services. Thank you so much, Ladies! I will be a Client forever! Stay safe, Stay well!

- Lynn

Genuinely Cares About My Concerns

Dr. Smith and her team have been compassionate and helpful while helping me with, (via Biote and was recommended by my GYN) the crazy hormonal fluctuations of mid-life. As a singer-songwriter it’s especially frustrating when it affects your vocal range. Dr Smith is a great listener and genuinely cares about my concerns and my health! I highly recommend her and her team. Grateful!

- Sarah

I Enjoyed My Treatment

I have tried other ‘Male oriented ‘ Doctors before. This place is head and shoulders above that. They service men and women so you can book double appointments with your significant other too. All in all, I have enjoyed my treatment there and plan on being a customer as long as they are open!

- Nick

World Class Service

I can’t say enough about how amazing Cassy is at her craft! Every time I go in to see her, she works magic on my face. She is thorough, professional, and great at what she does. Her Hydrafacials are the best I have gotten and she truly provides world-class service. If you are looking for a great facialist, Cassy is your person!

- Veronica

Terrific Results!

I had my first Hydrofacial with Cassy and WOW! A great experience with terrific results. Love the smoother & tighter texture, unclogged pores, and super clean glow. Cassy was awesome explaining each step along the way. Can’t wait for the next one!! Thanks!

- Shaune

A Fabulous Job!

I had a great experience at Youthful Solutions. Heather was extremely thorough and did a fabulous job! I’m very happy with the look so far! I love the fact that there’s a doctor on staff as well. I’ll definitely be back!

- Olga

SO Easy to Treat Yourself!

Youthful Solutions makes it SO easy to treat yourself! I called in to make an appointment after obtaining a Groupon deal. The staff makes it so easy and quick to book and get in. I came in on a Saturday morning with Heather.Heather went through the basics of botox/dysport and my medical history. She reviewed the typical “frown” and “shocked” face lines & then marked where she was planning on injecting. Even though Dr. Smith was not in the office that day, what I really enjoyed about Youthful Solutions is receiving the final approval from Dr. Smith, who runs the clinic.Lastly, cosmetic procedures don’t run cheaply! At Youthful Solutions, they are always trying to help you find the most cost-efficient deal.

- Christina

I Look 10 Years Younger

I had a great experience at youthful solutions! Heather Weltner worked on my forehead with botox and I received excellent results! I look seriously 10 years younger, my forehead has been a problem area for a long time and they also had the foresight to treat my crows feet slight lines to get ahead of those becoming deep and raise my eyebrow with the procedure. I will definitely be going back! They also offer so many treatments im very interested in n trying everything. My before and after pictures were amazing!

- Nicole