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Profound Face & Neck Lift

The Profound Face & Neck Lift Treatments in Cedar Park

All It Takes Is One Treatment to See Results

For more than 7 years ‘The Profound’ device from Candela has been the #1 non-surgical treatment that is ideal for ages 20’s – 60’s who want a comprehensive skin treatment for the face, neck, and for stretch marks/scaring around waistline. This device can also reduce cellulite on legs and produces 100% natural results.

The Profound Treatment creates:

  • Uniform Glow to the Skin
  • Tightening
  • Reducing Fine Lines
  • Reducing Pore Size
  • Lifting for Face and Neck

Who Is a Good Candidate for This Service?

The Profound works differently for our clients depending on their age.

For example, people in their:

  • 20s – 30s: Who have textural issues like acne scarring or are beginning to see the signs of aging will benefit the most from this treatment. The Profound tightens pores, decreases blemishes, and evens out the skin texture and tone. This process also allows for little down time after it is completed and yields 100% natural results.
  • 40s – 60s: Who are noticing the aging process will benefit from this treatment. The Profound stimulates collagen production and can provide the natural lifting and tightening you desire.

How The Profound Works

The Profound is a unique process and works so well because:

  • Instead of sending RF through the skin using a wand, it delivers the energy via ultra-fine, short needles that are inserted into the skin (similar to micro-needling).
  • The RF energy heat triggers the micro needles into the optimal area of the dermal and release the exact amount of energy needed through the needles.
  • The Profound stimulates the natural healing response, causing your skin’s deeper, supportive layers to form new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

Learn More About Profound Here, or by Watching the Video Below

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