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Glycolic Acid-Based Peel for Sun Damage in Austin

Many individuals who have sun-damaged skin wish that they would have protected their skin when they were in their younger years. Instead of applying sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and avoiding the sun, they spent a lot of time outdoors soaking up the sun. Now they have sun damage. We invite you to learn about how a glycolic acid-based peel can help Austin residents who are dealing with sun damage and want to improve the condition of their skin.When a professional peel is used to improve your sun damage, it is basically injuring your skin. However, this is done in an extremely controlled way. Its purpose is to promote the growth of new skin that is a lot healthier than the skin that you have right now. This leads to an improved appearance. While there are a lot of different peeling agents that can be used to help you improve your skin, a glycolic acid-based peel is especially effective when it comes to helping individuals who have sun damage.

In addition to being used for sun damage, chemical peels are extremely effective for treating other skin conditions. They can help individuals who have wrinkles, facial scars, and skin discoloration. When you visit us for your initial treatment, we will show you how the peels that we offer can improve the overall health of your skin. If in addition to sun damage you also have wrinkles or scars, both of these issues can be addressed. The first thing that we will do when you visit our office closely examines your skin and then help you to get a good idea of what a professional peel can do for you.

What can you expect when you have a peel performed in Austin? While your treatment is going to be designed to meet your specific needs, there are some basic things that you can expect. As we mentioned, you will go through an initial consultation. If it is determined that a peel is the best treatment for you, we’ll go through the treatment with you in detail.

If you have sun damage, a glycolic acid-based peel in the Austin area can likely help. Make an appointment to learn more. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Cedar Park or Georgetown!