Skin Tightening

Rejuvenate Your Skin with Exilis Ultra

Exilis Ultra has been designed to improve wrinkles, fine lines, unwanted deposits of fat and loose skin on the face and body. This device combines the benefits of radiofrequency and ultrasound technologies. Exilis Ultra tightens the skin safety without extensive recovery time or discomfort.

The Specifics

The Exilis Ultra procedure is a representation of skin tightening for the next generation. Diffuse ultrasound technology has been combined with the benefits of radiofrequency to enable greater conductivity and more transmission of heat to the area being targeted. This allows the area being treated to heat more quickly, makes the process more effective and easier, stimulates the elastin and collagen, increases the reduction of fat and tightens the skin. This makes the Exilis Ultra treatment an excellent choice for body contouring.

Two Unique Applicators

Two unique applicators are used with the Exilis Ultra treatment. The large applicator is generally used for the body because the heat penetrates the deep layer to reduce fat without harm to the skin. Controlled cooling is then emitted by the device to the skin. There are various depths to the heating energy ranging from the deeper fat layer to the skin’s superficial layer.

The small applicator includes five different tips. These are interchangeable for twenty parts of the body and face. The design is versatile, comfortable and a safe treatment option. Exilis Ultra is classified as a safe facelift procedure without the need for surgery or an injectable. The result is smoother skin and an increased production of collagen.

The Benefits

The Exilis Ultra procedure has been through clinical testing and proven effective in reducing fat deposits, contouring tissue, tightening skin and improving the look of the skin. There is virtually no discomfort or downtime with this procedure. Most patients want the treatment because it is non-invasive, will tighten the skin and can reduce wrinkles and cellulite.

Exilis Ultra is both safe and comfortable. Numerous patients have compared the treatment to a hot stone massage. The applicator controls the heating so that the device is safe.

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