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Why Choose Ideal Protein Weight Management?

There are many weight loss programs out there.  When choosing a managed program, it’s important to select a strategy that has had a lot of success and work with a supportive team that has a lot of experience. We’ve helped many patients achieve their weight loss goals. In this latest post, we’ll present the benefits of the Ideal Protein Weight Management program for our Austin patients.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss Process

A key differentiator of the Ideal Protein Weight Management program is that it is medically supervised. Our experts will help keep you on track throughout the process and ensure you mitigate any medical issues as you begin to lose weight. Other weight loss programs don’t offer you this level of guidance which may lead you to make unhealthy dietary choices. We are active partners in your weight loss process and keeping you moving forward toward your goals.

6 Unique Proteins

An advantage of our program is the different foods available to the patient. We stock six different proteins as part of our IWAS Ideal Protein Weight Management strategy for patients at our North Austin locations. These include whey isolates, pea protein, albumin, hydrolyzed collagen, soy isolates and whole milk protein.

Designed to Keep the Body in Ketosis

The Ideal Protein Weight Management program is designed to keep your body in ketosis. Ketosis is a fat burning state in which any extra energy burned is burned in the form of fat rather than simply through the burning of carbohydrates. This is an ideal weight loss strategy as it ensures that the patient can begin to shed pounds quickly.We help you achieve a balanced diet with half the calories consumed in other dietary programs, while the body optimally burns calories.

A Range of Different Products to Choose from


Throughout the Weight Management program, we don’t overly restrict your diet on your path towards success. While we provide the medical science and expert weight loss guidance, you can select from over 80 different products so you don’t feel deprived. In this way, the program is geared towards you and your personal tastes.

Our trusted dietary team is available now to guide you in achieving your personal weight loss goals! To learn more about the Ideal Protein Weight Management program, call our Austin team today.