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IWAS Client Stories

“The greatest part of this journey wasn’t the success we had, but seeing/hearing others making changes in their lives because of our success. Inspiring others to make positive changes to their lifestyle has made an invaluable impact on our outlook towards life.”Adam & Allison: “When we started this journey, our goal was to feel like ourselves again. We didn’t want our weight to determine our activities and limit the fun we could have with our children, or impact our relationships with others. We wanted to play with our kids without getting tired so quickly. We also wanted to educate and set ourselves up for a healthy lifestyle.

I got to a point in my life where I was tired, over weight and tired of being overweight. Several people, including my doctor, told me I needed to lose weight. After seeing the results of several people at my church, and my coworkers, I decided to commit to something that would have a long term effect on my life.

My husband started about 1 month before I did. He was having fantastic results (40 lbs in 4 weeks). I saw his determination and how easy it was to follow. I saw how great he felt, and I wanted that too.”